If you've been following this website for the past eleven years, then you already know that vapor blasting is the best method in the world today for restoring your aluminum, bronze, and magnesium castings back to the way they looked on the day they came out-  of the foundry.  
    Soda blasting or bead blasting are just barely good enough for paint stripping and NOT good enough for a quality restoration.  Vaporblasting is better than scratching your alu-minum by brushing it with a wire brush or wire wheel.  Way better than boiling your parts on a camp stove in a bucket with tide detergent!  Vapor blasting is the best method in the world today and you know, nothing else even comes close.  
  Now that I am retiring from active vapor blasting, I want to let you do-it-yourselves on my equipment. I'll be there the whole time to run the machine, change the water and show you how simple it is.
  *All times I quote in this ad are my best guess as to how long the parts should take you, provided that you bring the parts in pre-cleaned condition, ready to go into the tank.
  Look at the bronze on this TR5R factory racer.  Triumphs always clean up quicker than any other motorcycle.  Figure seven parts--three hours* work. 

  Vaporblasting by Bikesalot is for classic British and European motorcycles ONLY, and no others.
   It's the sand-cast engines like
Triumph, Norton, BMW, BSA, 
Matchless, Vincent, and others
that always turn out nicer than 
they came from the factory.  All 
those others are either smooth, 
polished surfaces or die-cast 
engines and they can't be help-
ed by vapor blasting.
  So no Japanese, no Sportsters,
no scooters, no painted parts, no
powder-coated parts of any kind.

Located in fabulous Willamina, Oregon--Timbertown, USA.  Sixty-five miles south west of Portland, Oregon.

  Bikesalot is now closed until summer while I work on my own projects.  Call 503-876-2289 in the mornings to ask about availability.