Now it's only $34 each for vapor blasting the three or four largest parts from any British or European classic motor-cycle* and $12 for parts smaller than 9 inches. 
  You can pay double or triple this price to guys who won't tell you how simple it is.  Or, you might pay by the hour, if the operator is inexperienced and doesn't know what he's doing.
  Why take a chance, when Vaporblasting by Bikesalot is the most experienced operator in the business?
   The month of March is the ten year anniversary for Vapor Blasting by Bikesalotsm.  Just so I don't forget:  "In all that time, not one single part has ever been lost in shipping."
   The prices you see above are a small price increase over previous years, but I can still hold to the new price because I know, after ten years, that I can vapor blast every large part in three sessions totaling 34 minutes.  I'll vapor blast every small part three times for a total of 12 minutes.  The only add-on you might pay is for pre-cleaning, if you send me greasy parts.
  Vaporblasting is the best method ever for cleaning your British, American, and European motorcycle parts cleaner than they left the factory.  And only vapor-blasting preserves the original sand-cast texture and sheen because the vaporblast mixture of glass bead, water, and detergent is too soft to take away any metal.  All other dry blasting methods will etch your aluminum surface and leave it full of microscopic pits and embedded glass or mineral  particles. 

      Vaporblasting by Bikesalotsm is still the best bargain in the restoration industry.
   It's $34 each to vaporblast the big sand-cast aluminum parts from any British or European motorcycle (with certain exceptions**). This includes single or twin-cylinder heads, aluminum cylinders, crankcase halves, bevel drives, or any other part with cooling fins. 
  Small parts are still $12 each.  These are parts under 9"x9"x9" like brake plates, sump covers, magneto shells, small gearboxes, small covers, and triple clamps.       
   No charge for the little parts if they are part of a larger order: tachometer drives, heat sinks, little covers, aluminum knobs, brake shoes and linings.

   **A one-piece crankcase like BMW or Moto Guzzi will turn out nearly perfect, $70.  American made engines and Vincents and Laverdas and Ducati 750's are very large and difficult to manipulate inside the cabinet, so $50 each piece.  (One piece crankcases will not fit into the vapor-blasting cabinet with their through-studs in place, so you are responsible for removing those studs for vaporblasting.)   Save money on vaporblasting by sending in only your sand-cast and textured parts starting with the cylinder heads, cylinders, and crankcases. The die-cast parts or painted or polished sidecovers will never vaporblast as perfectly as parts with a sand-cast texture.  Buff these covers yourself and save money. 

   Add $15 dollars each piece for paint stripping or degreasing.   Paint stripping by trial-and-error always adds two weeks to the process.  You can do the paint stripping yourself and save time and money.  
   Powdercoatings are a whole different problem.  Some powdercoatings won't come off with paint stripper or even with powdercoat stripper.  
   To be fair to the owners who send me parts pre-cleaned and ready to go, I always vaporblast the cleanest parts first and send the dirtiest parts to soak in kerosene for the next week.  I found that's the only smart way to keep up production and minimize the time
 I waste processing waste water.  Scooters?  Two-strokes?  Painted engines?  Multi-cylinder?  Sorry. I've given up on your ever sending me parts degreased and ready for vapor blasting. 
  Look at the bronze on this TR5R factory racer.  Four parts at $34 plus two gearbox parts at $12. 
   Motorcycle restoration is so simple that the guys on TV have to make it sound more complicated to make it interesting.  
   1)  Just disassemble your motorcycle down to every last nut and bolt and spoke.  Write down the sizes and locations of every single fastener. Take two hundred pictures of where the parts came from.  
   2)  Inspect and measure your engine for new bearings, gaskets, oil seals, and other replacement parts. Then send your aluminum parts to Vaporblasting by Bikesalotsm  for the best aluminum restoration in the industry.
   3)  Send out all your steel frame parts for painting or powder coating.  Send out all your fasteners to your local helicopter shop for authentic cadmium plating.
  Two months later all three jobs will come back to you together with all the replacement parts you ordered.  Now you can begin reassembly.  Refer back to your photos, your notes, and the factory manuals to put every part right back where it belongs.  Replacement parts today are superior to what they were in the 50's and 60's, so you can build yours even better than it was from the factory.

  Like this.....